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GBlist: related listserves/pond liners

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Can anyone tell me if the following are worth subscribing to, if one is
mainly interested in practical applications?
1) alt.energy.homepower 
2) sci.energy.hydrogen
3) alt.solar.thermal
4) alt.solar.photovoltaic
If so, could you kindly give me intructions on how to subscribe?

What is the most environmentally-sound pond liner material?
Thank you for any help.
Jorg Ostrowski,  M. Arch. A.S. (MIT), B. Arch. (Toronto), Ecotect 
 in full-time professional practice since 1976 (Straw Bale since 1978),   
 3 demonstration projects in Canada built 1979, 1981, 1994, +80,000 
 - living a conserver lifestyle & working in a sustainable home and office
Web Site [under construction]: http://www.ucalgary.ca/~jdo/ecotecture.htm

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