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GBlist: EFIS (Exterior Finish Insulation Systems)

Dear All,

I have a current building renovation project. It is a 100 year four story
brick building that was renovated 10 years ago, and not terribly elegantly.
At that stage it recieve an EFIS application to its rear wall which is half
brick (the lower two storys) and half wood frame construction (the upper
two). Of course, the EFIS is failing - cracking at window corners and water
is aso entering elsewhere around window openings. I am trying to give my
client the best advice, which is probably to construct a rainscreen over
the at least the upper portion, but I want to give them a goss report on
their various options.

Can anyone refer me to a really good short report on EFIS failure and
remedial action. I have a call into Joe Lstiburek, but I thought that I'd
try here too.

Bruce Coldham


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