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Re: GBlist: Living Machines

At  9:15 AM 7/30/97 -0800, R. Scott Waterman wrote:
>I to have been very interested in the threads on rainwater filtration
>systems and greywater recovery.  I am also intrigued with the other end,
>the waste treatment. I have heard of a "Living Machine." John Todd is the
>inventor.  he apparently works with  Living Technologies in  Burlington,
>Does anyone have any experience with these living machines?  Anuy idea of
>the principles involved?  How well do they work?  How large or small a
>scale can they be used? Can a one home residential site use one? Can they
>be used in very cold climates? What kind of heat inputs do they need?  I
>would love to find out more about them, and get a discussion going on
>their potential and  applications
>Scott Waterman


Living Technologies has a website at www.livingmachines.com that you might
want to check out. Their email address is: livetech@together.net
Hope that helps.

Doug Patterson

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