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GBlist: Re:

>Hello experts out there,
>        Are any of you familiar with a system called "ductless" air
>conditioning?  It is purported to be a way to retrofit a central system into
>an old house.  The pipes that carry high velocity air are small enough to
>fit easily into floor joists and ceiling rafters.  I is supposed to be
>quieter than a conventionally blown ac system.  Any comments?????  Or
>sources for more information?
>                                                Thanks, Sacie Lambertson
A couple of years ago I had an estimate done for a system that the vendor
termed "Air Pack". Small diameter tubes that could be threaded through wall
cavities. Given the small oriface sizes, though, I'd expect the velocities
to be pretty high in the immediate vicinity of the outlets. The price was
pretty trendy, too.

Ther are, by the way, systems that simply transport chiller fluid to heat
exchangers positioned in each room.  Seems to work, but I'd be concerned
about condensate backing up in the drain lines.

... Harry
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