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GBlist: More on sealing around windows and doors...

a brief addition to Mike's recommendation about Backer Rods...

These things are pretty good for filling cracks safely around windows and
doors WITHOUT the use of expansive foams....especially with a variety of
diameters and "stiffnesses" to choose from.... BUT, they STILL should be used
with some of type of sealant (tape, caulk, etc.) to provide and AIR SEAL
around the perimeter... the backer rod alone will NOT give you the air seal
but WILL make the area that needs sealing MUCH SMALLER, providing an
opportunity for greater quality control in your final perimeter sealing....
plus you will use less of the expensive sealing/caulking materials....

<<Many builders and insulators who participated in the Super Good Cents
program sealed large air leaks with polyethylene backer rod. Backer rod is
used in concrete work as the breaker for urethane sealant, to keep it from
sucking down into a  gap like an expansion joint. It's cheap, comes in
different diameters from 1/4 to 2-1/2 inches, and there is a floppy
stuffable version. Works well in large gaps like rough openings, can't
distort window or door frames, doesn't gum up skin or clothing, and is
non-toxic. .... Mike Obrien>>
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