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Re: GBlist: Kadulski comments on housing costs

At 12:58 AM 8/26/97 -0400, you wrote:
>It has been my experience that the consumer buys what he sees...period!  The
>root of the problem is the contractor.  People do not build houses,
>contractors build them and then sell them.

Whoa wait a minute! In the case of a spec. home YES. But I am a BUILDER and
I DO NOT see me as the root of the problem. I build Custom homes,period.
THE CONSUMER comes to me with what THEY want in a house based on "what the
Jones' have" and trying to outdo them typically. So your staement about
people Not  building homes is alittle off course.

  Most people that buy a home have
>no idea what goes into it.  They only know if they like what they see, just
>like buying a car.

I encourage my clients to educate themselves as much as poss.  I have seen
in the last two or three years many more educated and involved consumers
than ever before.  But I don't think we are a bunch of mindless wandering
follow the leader impulse buying let's get it now kind of people.

>The contractor and only the contractor decides what materials his house will
>be built with.

Now that is a overdramatic statement.  The market has a lot of influence as
to what type of product to insert into the structure because of similar
performance but less cost.  Or in some cases the better performance and same
cost.  It is all about education, and thank god (or whatever higher up is
important to you) that we have this forum, as I have learned SOOOO MUCH
thanks to all of you. I can offer newer products to my clients and I have
made print outs of some of the discussions and show to clients.  There is a
wealth of knowledge here.

  And he is driven by profits, or he would not build houses in
>the first place. 

Yes , this is true as it applies to the whole world's economy though too. I
don't build because of the money though, (I could do better doing something
I Build because my family has been in the trades for at least 7 to 8
generations now.  (yeah none of us are smart enough to get out)haha.
Serious, though I have seen the CRAFTSMANSHIP my great grandpa applied to
his homes and buildings . My Dad's dad and my father and now myself. We have
a real commitment to what we do and a real love for the abilities we were
given.  Every and all clients are lasting relationships and we ACTUALLY look
forward to getting up in the morning to go to work!

>We need to give the contractor better cheaper materials and methods and they
>will build us houses with them.

I agree, and I have found some.  

  I don't know of a contractor that would