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GBlist: Re: water usage

In a message dated 22/09/97  14:59:19, Chris wrote:

<< The average seems to be somewhere between 80 and 110 gallons per person 
 per day.  That's alot of water!
By way of comparison, the average use in England is around 150lts/person/day,
which is 39.6 US gallons (conversion factor 3.785lts a gallon).   There are
obviously a lot of eco-friendly people using a lot less than that - one house
I'm aware of that's running off rainwater is down to about 10 galls / person
/ day.

What are you doing with the stuff ??  I don't think we're inherently smellier
people walking around in dirtier clothes over here ( no replies on this

The maximum w.c. flush in England is now 7.5lts (2galls), and there's
pressure to allow use of  cisterns with less than 1gall flush ( used
sucessfully in Scandinavia).
The latest washing machines (good ones)  use  about 55lts (14.5galls) for a
full wash cycle.

Matthew Hill
Leeds Environmental Design Associates
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