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GBlist: Re: Re: Reply: CO list: Benzene in homes with attached garages

In a message dated 10/15/97 4:15:27 PM, you wrote:

<< thus
encouraging builders to better seal between the house and garage.  The
concensus was to include the garage volume in the air leakage test.  I
think we may want to revisit some of this as these IAQ issues continue to
point at the garage.>>


I'd try to do a good job of isolating the house from the garage first and
then I'd seal the garage from the outside.  If the garage is fairly well
sealed, you may need to ventilate it mechanically because there are often
fairly strong contaminant sources in the garage.  I'd also use a fan door to
estimate the leakage between the garage and house and the garage and outside.
 This can be done fairly simply using series leakage analysis and making an
assumption about the flow exponent - described by Blasnik and Fitzgerald in
their advanced blower door articles.  If you want the equations, give a
holler. - Terry
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