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GBlist: General Conditions Spec Language

„I am seeking a concise paragraph or two for the Summary of Work section
„that instructs contractors and bidders to comply with environmentally
„responsible building practices.

Write down you best effort (you seem to know what you want) and post it for
review and comment. Don't let the stilted style of project specification
corrupt you. Al that you learned about good clear writing should be aplied
to these documents ... including wit .. so long as it doesn't obfuscate.

You might require contract bidders to submit a "waste management plan" (or
what ever you want to call it) for review and adoption at the
preconstruction confernece, or at some paticular time at the begging of the
project. You might also require an inventory of waste and where it went.

So far as requiring "green" materials in the building. The architect has to
do the homework and specify ... precisely. There's no short cut here. I
presume that Brown is not constrained by the public bidding laws so you are
in a better position to get what is specified.

Bruce Coldham


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