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Re: GBlist: Re: greenbuilding-digest V1 #373

Dear Scott,
You are among the minority that missed the whole point of the thread.
 Property rights aside....if you or anyone else, disturbs or distroys any
part of a wetland, then federal law has been violated and can result in fine
or jail.

The point I was trying to make is, those on the list that were giving advice
to someone having too many cat tails was WRONG in basic concept that one
could do as they please on their land...using common sense.

My other point being that common sense has been left out of the laws leaving
US paying individually and collectively for this short fall in environmental

You see those cat tails do not belong to them only the illusion of ownership.
 We the american people have taken claim to those resources.  Just because
someone has well intentions does not matter to the law, and ignorance is no
excuse.  What amounts to stepping on a bug in your back yard or pulling weeds
around the pond your kids swim in could result in losing everything you own
and have worked for is tatamount to govenment insanity.

I am all for protecting the environment.  And believe our common good must be
protected.  But I do not believe that every standing body of water in the
whole country has to be ursurped by a draconian and insane law.

And to make another point, where do we draw the line on a neighbor damaging
another by developing their personal resources?  Sun light, water, view?
 What to one is garbage to another is art.  Just where would you join the
fray over YOUR personal property rights and use.

YOU do own property I assume.

I would also in keeping with some on the list prefer you email me with your


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