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Re: GBlist: Re: wetlands

>.................You said: >>if you or anyone else, disturbs or distroys
any part 
>>>of a wetland,then federal law has been violated
>It would have been more accurate to say that if anyone disturbs or destroys 
>any part of a wetland WITHOUT THE REQUIRED PERMITS, then federal law has been 
>violated (and possibly state and local laws as well).
>Projects that destroy wetlands are permitted every day, but only after 
>thorough review by a number of agencies, coordinated by the U.S. Army Corps 
>of Engineers...................

The information about wetlands permits is correct.  But having read the
statistics enough to know the ratio of approvals to applications is almost
1:1 in some regions, I'd suggest striking the word "thorough."

Being Green requires more than just going through the motions.

Dave Warren
Rochester, MI

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