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Re: Re: GBlist: Kadulski comments on housing costs

In a message dated 8/26/97 12:59:37 AM, you wrote:

<<  Most people that buy a home have
no idea what goes into it.  They only know if they like what they see, just
like buying a car.>>

Hi folks,

Been busy.  Trying to catch up with stuff now.  I have frequently been
frustrated by this phenomena.  Two things come to mind.  The first is Albert
Einstein using one soap to wash his clothes, face, dishes and hair because he
couldn't choose between the many soaps at the market.  Voting with your
dollars only works well when the buyer has craft knowledge of the product.
 Einstein did not have craft knowledge of surfactant chemistry.  The second
thing is something I heard Dave Van Ronk say to a coffee house owner when the
sound equipment kept fritzing - I work decades to become a professional so I
can work for amateur club owners.  Two facets of the same diamond, eh?  -

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