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GBlist: Re: Foam

On 9/5/97 12:00 AM Michael Molnar wrote:

>I am currently building a home in mid-Michigan.  One of the local insulating
>contractors offers spray ureathane foam.  This product is ported to be non-
>toxic and having a R-8.14/in.  This seems wonderful, and I am considering its
>use.  The only drawback I can figur' is that it will be impossible to run any
>addition wiring in these wall at a later time.  I  would be using the foam
>only on exterior(2x4) walls( Foundation to top plate)  Does anybody have any
>experience with this product?   It seems like a wonderful product.

If you like "natural", stay away from this.  It's pretty wierd stuff.  
But it works well.

I sprayed it on the outside of a compressed earth block home.  The blocks 
were dry stacked (no motar);  this foam served not only to insulate the 
whole house (I think its more like R6-7/inch), but also was the 
waterproofing material, AND it even served a structural role by sticking 
the blocks together.  An inexpensive and blazingly fast way to build a 
house.  Finally, the rounded corners contributed to the "adobe" look we 
wanted to achieve.

However, I would never use it on the inside of a house, unless it was to 
mitigate problems or other issues.  It's overkill for one;  Icynene or 
other products would seem to be more suitable.  I question its 
environmental impact, although I don't fully understand this issue.  And 
lastly, once you've touched it, most people would not want it near their 
living space.  

Regarding wiring, I think that is not a consideration;  it will be 
problem regardless of what material you use, so run whatever you can 
imagine now, and note there are ways to surface wire that aren't bad. 

Buzz Burrell
Bolder Building
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