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GBlist: cold solvent weld

       A new ballet floor is being installed in the building where I work -
thankfully being taped down rather than glued - but the joints are to be joined
together with a cold solvent weld.  The technical name on the can is
*tetraphydrofuranne*.  It is highly inflamable - explossive - and the material
with it says it is considered safe because of the small amounts used.  The
contractor says he will use about 1/2 to 2/3 of a quart container.
        I obviously won't be around when this is being applied - but will have
to be in the same building w/in 48 hours.  The building is quite large - single
story - but all connected by air circulation system.
        -Any idea how long this will outgas, and to what extent?  The purpose
of the weld is to provide a supple joint that will expand and contract with
heat - so it is not a hard drying agent.
        - Any idea what alternatives might be available that would be less
toxic, but would still provide the necessary join.
        Any common compounds to carpet glue?  I have not been able to go back
into our church that re-carpeted 2 years ago - and I suspect the glue.
I appreciate any help you can give.
Lyle Rebbeck

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