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GBlist: GBlist General Conditions Spec Language

Kurt, regarding your question on spec language.

The general conditions and specifications are included in the project
manual which is a subset of the bidding documents.  A section on waste
management comes under Division 1, section  01500; Construction
Facilities and Temporary controls, Periodic Cleaning.  Include your 
construction waste management plan there and reference it to section
01700 Contract Closeout and section 00700 General Requirements.
This may require you to write a standard spec that includes:

1.01 Requirements Included
1.02 Related Requirements
1.03 Waste Management Goals
1.04 Waste Management Plan
1.05 Recycling
1.06 Reuse
1.07 Materials Sorting
1.08 Recycling Economics Worksheet  [ if applicable]
1.09 List of Recycling centers and haulers

not applicable

not applicable

Daniel J. Goudy				Architect

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