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Re: GBlist: commerical constr. market

>I have noticed that most of the information that I find on "green 
>building" is for the home building market.   At this moment I am 
>particularly interested in learning about sustainable building methods 
>and materials that can be effectively utilized by contractors working 
>in the institutional and commercial markets.  If anyone has 
>information about books,  products,  web sites,  contacts,  etc., 
> that can help me in my pursuit please let me know.
>Susan Szalla
The content of Environmental Building News is pretty evenly split between 
topics of interest to commercial and residential designers and 
builders--at least that's been our intent--we'd love to hear how others 
find it!

Also, we have just released our new E Build Library CD-ROM containing all 
back issues of the newsletter in text-searchable format, which should 
contain much of what you're looking for.

In terms of other resources, there are many. All subscribers get a free 
copy of our annotated bibliography of green building information 
resources, which will next be update for December 1997 publication.

Yours, Nadav

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