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Re: GBlist: Planet Neighborhood

>Greenbuilder Educators:
>Some of this list's members are organizations which conduct educational
>activities.  Those members and others will want to check out "Planet
>Neighborhood" at 
>This site describes a 3 part PBS series which asks for community
>partners and provides a chance for active participation.
>"Planet Neighborhood" is about the ways creative people across the
>nation have used innovative technologies to preserve the envrionment. 
>Hosted by architect Wm. McDonough, dean at Univ. of Virginia, the show
>broadcasts on SEPTEMBER 8.  Check local PBS stations for time.
>When you get into the information, you'll see there are FREE materials
>available, including videos, "The Home","The Car", and "Wetlands
>What a deal!
>Pat Ballentine
I thought I'd mention that several of the sponsors of this list have been 
hard at work for the last few months on the Greenhome CD-ROM that is part 
of this list of resources. CREST produced the CD for WETA, and Alex 
Wilson wrote most of the content. It consists of a virtual walk-through  
of a house that is modelled on one that John Abrams and his South 
Mountain Company built recently on Marthas Vineyard. 

We have yet to see the final version, but it should be a lot of fun.


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