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GBlist: Air-Core Passive / Hybrid Heat Storage Info

    Air-Core Passive / Hybrid Heat Storage Info

In response to the posting by Ms. Howard (no relation)
I have attached a listing of my publications in this area.
We still periodically perform computer studies for designers
intending to use concrete block underfloor or in-wall heat
storage systems.  

Since 1984, I have conducted about twenty-five such
design reviews, including homes, restaurants, and even a
funeral home.  The system is low in cost and works well if
properly sized fans are installed.  One thing I would like
to try is sizing a PV array / DC motor pair to optimize 
underfloor heat storage and seasonal ventilation in a sunspace.
This would make sense for an off-grid building.

Another idea would be to create a hybrid destratification system
teamed with low temperature hydronic radiant floor heating. With
proper control logic the HRF would only need aux heat some of
the time, which could be supplied from a water heater or tankless
unit.  Might be pretty efficient approach in a micro-load home.

Finally, most of the systems I worked on used "cull" blocks that
were locally produced and would not otherwise have been good
enough for wall construction (recycled block would work too).
Have also seen metal forms used for this purpose, but they are
fragile to work with and have potentially higher embodied energy.

   Air Core System / Building Related Publications //  Bion Howard
"The Air Core System for Thermal Storage." (peer-reviewed) The Passive Solar 
Journal. ASES/SERI Vol. 3 No. 3.  1986.  ASES, Boulder Co.

"Air Core Systems for Passive and Hybrid Energy - Conserving Buildings."  ASHRAE 
Transactions, V. 92. Pt. 2. 1986. (peer-reviewed) Atlanta, GA.

"Residential Design Examples -- Hollow Core Masonry Under Floor and In-wall 
Remote Heat Storage." 1986 - 11th National Passive Solar Conference.  ASES, 
Boulder Co.

NCMA "TEK-Note  The Air Core System"  National Concrete Masonry Association, 
Herndon, VA  (in. Manual of Facts on Concrete Masonry, NCMA.)

"Achieving a Balanced Approach." 10th Passive Solar Conference. 1985 ASES, 
Boulder Co. (Co author: John Spears, President -- Sustainable Design Group)

"Measured Performance of a (Solar) Home Using Concrete Masonry."  8th National 
Passive Solar Conference. 1983.  ASES, Boulder Co.

"Determination of Passive Solar Collector Energy Balances Using Two Different 
Methods." (with W.F. Roberts, AIA)  7th  National Passive Solar Conference. 
1982.  ASES, Boulder Co.

These publications also contain references to other literature on embedded 
structural heat storage options.

PS:  if this dialogue is too "energy related" we could move it to the
EEBA  "ee-building@crest.org" list, sister to the venerable greenbuilding
list.  Comments and discussion is most welcome.

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