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GBlist: Remember correct address for GB List

This is a quick "list-keeping" note. 

In the last couple of weeks there have been several messages--intended 
for the list--that were addressed to "owner-greenbuilding@crest.org" 
Using this address sends messages to the list _moderators_ (Nadav Malin, 
Zach Nobel and Bruce Sullivan). If you post a message, but don't see it 
come back into your own mailbox, the message may have been addressed 

The proper address is, of course, "greenbuilding@crest.org" Please check 
the address before sending and before _replying_ to a message. 

We try to inform individuals each time this occurs, but there has been an 
increase in this occurence. I thought a general warning was in order. 

Take Care,

Bruce S

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