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Energy Efficiency, "Green" Building, Solar Energy
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Howard Associates, Upper Marlboro, Maryland USA

We help improve comfort,
performance and value of
your buildings, and cost-
effectively get your energy
and environmental infor-
mation on the Net.

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Proud Ally of EPA Energy STAR Homes

Resource Efficient Buildings?

In general, resource efficient buildings are very energy efficient utilize construction materials wisely -- including recycled, renewable, and reused resources to the maximum extent practical -- are designed constructed and commissioned to ensure they are healthy homes for their occupants, and are typically more comfortable and easier to live with due to lower operating and owning costs.

Also, the overall environmental impact of new building and community development and the choices made when we either reuse or demolish existing structures is very important. The overall term of art for this area is green building (also used is "sustainable design") -- the relationship is that the use of green building strategies can result in more sustainable development, and we hope some day -- the reversal of many of the negative impacts of development upon the planet. A useful working definition of sustainable development has been promulgated by the United Nations Environment Program.

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What We Do

Howard Associates is involved in the rapidly growing business of environmentally high performance building and remodeling. We provide customized consulting services and information to help take advantage of this new and exciting market.

We do environmental high performance building studies !

We have made a substantial commitment to provide these services to home builders, remodelors, designers, Realtors ®, and community agencies just at the time concern is mounting about how to cost-effectively accomplish private sector environmental projects with diminishing Federal support.

Call us for rapid solutions !
When you need direct assistance or consulting services to make your building perform better, enjoy enhanced comfort, reduce operating costs, or get on line, Howard Associates' technical experts are available by phone during regular business hours --9:00 am through 6:00 pm Eastern time (US). Please give us a call, or send a fax or e-mail with your specific concerns or questions. V: (410) 867-8000 F: (301) 889-0889.

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Building Efficiency

We have developed a new feature for one of our clients -- the Energy Efficient Building Association ( EEBA ) It provides you with an opportunity to get "in" on the latest research and development related to environmentally responsible and energy efficient building.

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Environmental Building News EBN Newsletter(now semi-monthly) and
IRIS Communications OIKOS Web-site

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Phone (410) 867-8000, TeleFax: (301) 889-0889.

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