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Title: North Fork Retrofit: Affordable Comfort Housing Performance Association

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What is ACHPA ?

The Affordable Comfort Housing Performance Association was formed under Affordable Comfort, Inc.. Over 125 ACHPA members in the US and Canada provide services which increase the comfort, health and safety, efficiency and durability of housing through the treatment of the house as a whole system. 

 Despite the decline of federal, state and utility funding for energy efficiency programs -- there is considerable consumer and contractor interest in housing performance and energy efficiency. It is ACHPA's goal to use that interest to create a long term, consumer driven market for high quality housing performance services. 

What do ACHPA members do ?

../graphics/grnball.gif - 0.4 KAdvanced diagnostic testing and problem solving services, 
Air sealing and duct sealing, 
Heating, cooling and ventilation, service, design and installation, 
Insulation installation, 
General contracting services. 

Our Initial Links:

ACHPA Member Access Page - find an ACHPA member in your state or province. 

Housing Performance Services - a brief description of what ACHPA members offer. 

ACHPA Member Services - quizzes, news and technical building diagnostic information. 

NFR's Web Page - detailed description of services provided by North Fork Retrofit. 

NFR's Sample Report - blower door results, infrared images, prioritized recommendations and potential savings. 

Links to other energy efficiency and related sources. 


Our Keywords:

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Nota Bene:

What is North Fork Retrofit ?

Why does NFR maintain & provide these pages ?

What does NFR do ?

Blower Door Testing Infrared Scanning Comprehensive Energy Surveys 
Heating, Cooling & Ductwork Analysis Health, Safety & Indoor Air Quality Billing & Fuel-Use Analysis 
Recommendations & Installation Quality Assurance End-Use Monitoring 
Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources High Efficiency Lighting 

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