Larryville, a community site for Lawrence, Kansas area residents


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Larryville, a community site for Lawrence, Kansas area residents

Welcome to Larryville, the cyberspace "sister city" of Lawrence, Kansas! Please make yourself "at home," and take a quick spin around town to see what it has to offer. Larryville is dedicated to enhancing the Lawrence community and helping to improve and maintain the quality of its citizens' lives. Thank you for visiting -- we hope you'll find many meaningful items here.

News flash!!!
We've re-published the article that someone didn't want you to see:
C.J. Janovy's article on the South Lawrence Trafficway

  Lawrence area MUSIC & DANCE
Cruise the on-line version of the Listing, the most complete guide to LIVE MUSIC in the area. Also see features on Larry's "top picks" from the local music scene, a directory of MUSICIANS and BANDS to help you book music for any events you may be planning. (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  Local area ARTS features
We're developing features on artists, galleries, show openings, foundries, events, etc. and will display them here as they are ready... Any suggestions?
The truth will set you free, or it may just make you hopping mad. Check out some non-mainstream news and editorials. Make your voice heard by participating in Larryville's on-line COMMUNITY FORUM. Sometimes "It takes a cybervillage to raise a ruckus!"
  Go ahead, MAKE MY DATE!
You know how computers are supposed to make our lives easier? Here's a beautiful example of that. Visit ads Amore!, get to know people that share your interests and outlook on life (via anon. e-mail) and avoid those "dates from hell!" Our service features local people only, and is superior to other personals services- enter and find out why.
  Community/Neighborhood events and resources
Get the scoop on activities and opportunities regarding your local community. Neighborhood groups are encouraged to work with Larry to establish a presence here for their group.
Follow these links to the home pages of various Lawrence internauts. List your own site here for free! Use the descriptions in the index to find others with your interests and network with them.
  • Larry welcomes the submission of any written works related to his theme topics (including, but not limited to: music, art, politics, environment, community, neighborhoods...) Please e-mail Larry with ideas.

  • Do you know of a local service-type organization that might like to have a web presence? Please tell us about them, or have them contact us to inquire about posting a site on Larryville. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

  • Please enjoy your visit, and help feed Larry's growing spurt in these important ways:

    • bookmark this page, visit often

    • post a message in the forum to help it get started

    • help us spread the word about Larryville!

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Contact larry@larryville.com
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