GBlist: Announce: Green Building Professionals Directory


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: GBlist: Announce: Green Building Professionals Directory

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GBlist: Announce: Green Building Professionals Directory

an online searchable
Directory of Greenbuilding Professionals.

Due to the interest shown in the online Directory of Austin Green Builder
Program Members, and to further our ongoing efforts to promote sustainable
building worldwide, Sustainable Sources announces a new online Directory for
Greenbuilding Professionals. 

The new directory can be found at

FREE LISTINGS Through July 31
In order to build up our listings, individuals or companies working in 21
Greenbuilding fields from Architects/Designers to Builders to RealEstate to
Wastewater (and "Other", in case we missed any) are invited to list their
services FREE from now until July 31, 1997.  

The Directory can be searched by City, State/Province, Country, Zip/Postal
Code (including "begins with...") and each of the 21 categories.  If we don't
have anyone listed in your area, please tell them about the Directory.  This
is free advertising for them!  

If you have any questions about the Directory, please email Bill Christensen


Bill Christensen
Sustainable Building Calendar at http://www.greenbuilder.com
Sustainable Sources - Internet Solutions with an Environmental Perspective
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