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Subject: Sustainable Technologies and Resources Workshops
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The Institute of Sustainable Technologies and Resources (I~STAR)  is a
non-profit research and training center dedicated to creating practical
solutions to problems in ecologically sustainable design of constructed
environments and restoration of native ecosystems.  

I~STAR is currently offering internships and workshops in the following:

Straw Bale Construction - August 3-5, 1997 (David Eisenberg)
Eco-Construction - August 11-15, 1997 (Phil Hawes)
Geographical Information Systems - August 16, 1997 (Joshua Viers)
Biointensive Gardening - August 18-22, 1997 (Karen Jenkins)
Ecopsychology - August 23-24, 1997 (Renee Soule)
Restoration of Local Forest Ecology - Sept. 6-7, 1997 (Dennis Martinez)

For further information,  visit I~STAR's web site at:
E-mail:  istar@transport.com

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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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