Caribbean Island Engineer??

Hi my name is Sue Maechler, and I just found your link, on the net. 
Im surfing at the moment with my Business partner, (we are both 
Foreign Swiss nationals and both grew up in the Caribbean.)Could you 
help me to pass the following on, or tell me you are interested?


We would like to BARTER free room and board of a one room bungalow, 
located in the Caribbean,(Jamaica)(hot cold water, fans, electricity, 
shower, toilet) to a Computer Programmer/Electronic Engineer/Renewable 
Energy freak (with some related training, who would love to unwind a few 
months in the Caribbean working in exchange for coding some of our 
current projects all in the field of Industrial Communications and 
Energy Management of our Renwable ventures which include the areas of 
Biogas, Solar Water Destillation and various Solar Energy uses such as 
Photovoltaics and Photovoltaics in the use For Hydrogen Manufacture..

The applicant must be :
- used to travelling and open minded
- previous hands on experience.
- able to live in tropical surroundings,
- be familiar with the use of modems for long distance monitoring 
- carry with him a strong background a application Programming,       - 
Networking, Web Design or Electronics Background also an asset.

The property is located on a large plot of land, very tranquil, phone 
electricity, (spring) water, and the usual amenities are available.The 
property has a fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea, and is within 10 
minutes of some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean, and in close 
reach of nightlife and shopping possibilities. Working with us will 
obviously mean an unbeaten opportunity to discover the Caribbean as 
would never be discovered by a "normal" tourist agreement.

We are thinking of an initial three months stint, however,in the event 
of very positive teamwork we will not exclude the idea of long term visa 
application by us for the applicant.

We also have an apartment which we are interested in renting either 
short term, (monthly,) or long-term (six months and more) as a 
multimedia or computer oriented office space (quiet business) which is 
located on the same property. The apartment is being renovated at the 
moment and will have all the amenities of a luxurious villa apartment.

If you know of people you think would be interested, please dont 
hesitate to pass on my email address.

Cheers Sue!! :)

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