Saunders Patents

Issued patents of Norman Saunders (copies of which are available for $3 each
>from  The Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks/Washington, DC 20231,
or $2 each from Norman Saunders, P.E./15 Ellis Road/Weston MA 02193.

3,952,947  4/27/76 Solar heating system employing controlled
                   introduction of outdoor air via a special window
                   (window, triple glazed, with air flow in or out.)

4,018,214     ?    Water store behind double glass.

4,018,947  4/19/77 Heating and ventilation system (a division of
                   3,952,947 above.)

4,078,603  3/14/78 Skylight-type collector with storage and
                   distribution systems (transparent ceiling

4,123,002 10/31/78 System for controlling air temperature, humidity
                   and ventilation with use of ground coupling (earth-
                   tempered air in and heat recovery on exhaust.)

4,129,120 12/12/78 Heating and ventilation system (a CIP of 3,952,947,
                   more fully describing a solar steam generator with
                   very low thermal loss.)

4,157,639  6/12/79 Seals for vertical and sloping windows or glazing
                   (very inexpensive permanent glazing system.)

4,201,189   5/6/80 South window solar-radiation absorbing element (selective
                   absorber, window, thermosyphon collector, as in Shrewsbury
                   House and All-Solar-Too House.)

4,296,733 10/27/81 Transparent roof employing reflective louvers that
                   admit much solar radiation in winter and admit little
                   solar radiation in summer (Solar Staircase (TM) and
                   all its variants.)

4,305,379 12/15/81 Solar energy fluid heating system (simple pressurized
                   drain-back solar DHW system.)

4,398,530  8/16/83 Solar collector and heating and cooling system (cont. of
                   4,078,603, describing monitor lighting and heating for
                   shops and markets.)

4,452,205 11/12/85 Dual storage heating and cooling system (one way to build
                   a house with a warm store in the attic and a cool store
                   in the basement. My copy has this note at the bottom,
                   "License fee is ten cents per square foot of floor area
                   of building. Payment permits use of this and all other
                   Suanders solar patents. Subject to change without notice.")

Note: US patents are normally valid for 17 years from date of issue.