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Re: [seedsavers] Hello

> Well, I didn't think of that.  If you want some, I'll send some.
> We'll negotiate the postage.  Shall I add you to the swap list?
> I should have lots of sets...

..."You know when you're young, when...:
You don't remember that the old generation didn't save seeds,
or that the even older one did..." LOL!

I have a small area for gardening. I do 6-8 toms for example..
If heirloom, genetic diversity to return good genes to the pool,
would take maybe 4 years.

Is this a non-heirloom swap site too?

I maybe grow 6-12 dif plants for consumption and sharing.
Maybe more...


But how does one get started?
Buy seeds from a dot com?
Be gifted from a Great Aunt?

Are these heirloom or any seed swap type.
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