The Disaster

Augh. Around two weeks before the end of 1995, SunSITE had a variety of system and hardware failures. The system was more or less down for those two weeks. The upshot being that nearly everything done after the middle of October is gone. While not a lot of messages were posted to the ArchaeoSETI message board during this time, nearly 90% of my notes being used to create Part 2 of the "experiment" were destroyed.

I'm sorry to say that ArchaeoSETI is dead. This was way too much of a blow. I apologize sincerely to all those involved.

As a token, here's the story behind the Part 1 artifacts:

There was a lot more, of course. Much of the story would have been discovered by the translation of a wall of pictographs. Anyway, thanks for playing along with us, and perhaps you enjoyed it while it lasted.
David Levine