From: Derik van Zuetphen (
Date: 6-Mar-95 (16:19:24 GMT)
Subj: Vocabulary

Hi again!

I have some ideas how they form words out of roots.

First a list of words we already know from the first five messages:

w	living
z	non-living
~	small
1	big
11	the biggest
2	is the name of their home planet

In the sixth message 7 is defined as "big speed" and 8 as 
"small speed" (G7P1$1P7G and G8P~$~P8G), giving:

7	fast
8	slow

4 and x are counterparts, perhaps

x	inner side/center
4	outer side/peripheral

because the name of Tau Ceti is xzx meaning "the non-living center"
and the 2 outermost planets have 4 in their names.

When I consider y as "general celestial object" the planet names and
classes can be translated as follows:

xzx	Tau Ceti		"non-living center"
wyw	their home		"living celestial object"
zyz	medium sized planets	"non-living celestial object"
1y1	big planets		"big celestial object"

Names contain the additional symbols 9 and 3. I have no idea about 9,
but 3 coud be "undetermined". The last sentence will then say 
"universe is undetermined (yet)".

The names are:
2	first orbit
797	second orbit		"fast 9"
898	third orbit		"slow 9"
323	fourth orbit		"undetermined home"
434	fifth orbit		"undetermined outer"
4y4	sixth orbit		"outer celestial object"

The names are possibly given in the early times of astronomical
research. They thought perhaps, that 323 also contained life (like 
we thought about Mars). 434 was the perhaps the outermost known
"fast 9" and "slow 9" may be derived from observation, that an inner
planet has a higher velocity than outer ones. Thus 797 is the fastest
object on a taucetian sky. (9=moving object on the sky?).