From: Katt (
Date: 6-Feb-95 (21:0:51 GMT)
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Has anyone, other then myself, noted that when the messages are just glanced at out of the corner of the human eye, there seems that a pattern emerges? I'm responding before reading any of the other posts so I regret if I'm only repeating someone else's findings. I'm no astrology major but wouldn't an electronic picture be the best way for an intelligence to make itself known to a more primative society like that of Earth? We could very well be considered illiterates as far as any extraterristreal(sp) life is concerned. Pictures would be the best way to communicate (other then those math computations that scientists keep pressing on us). Someone who has more knowledge in the fields of astronomy and spacial radio warping should check into the idea that it's not so much a message as a 'road map' to the right constellation! I can't really say much more on the topic, it would be a sever breach of security. Perhaps someone out there has a better chance of breaking the code.