Recent Developments


As you know, for the last few days radio telescopes around the planet have been glued to one spot in the sky: the star Tau Ceti. At the traditional "water hole" of the radio spectrum, 21 cm, a five minute series of tones and pauses endlessly repeats itself. No one has been able to decipher it yet, and it shows no signs of stopping. Tau Ceti is a sun-like star nearly 12 light years from Earth, and has been the subject of previous radio searches for signals. It has never before produced any.


Early this afternoon, the original message ceased its repetition. In its place was a new, longer (and more complex) message.


Early this evening, the second message ceased and was replaced by the longest and most complex message to date. The first message has been entirely decoded, as has a good portion of the second.


Early in the morning, the third message ceased and was replaced by a fourth.


The fifth message began this afternoon. It has nearly been one month since receipt of the first message, and almost everything received to date is understood. We have some excellent translators.


The sixth message began this afternoon.


The seventh message began this afternoon.


The Technical Notes page has been removed. Under Translator's Notes, you will find a link to a page maintained by Andrew Plotkin. This page is much better maintained, and has less of a chance of being biased than a page here.


Message 9 arrived this morning.

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