Teleportation an IBM research center paper.

FTL Travel And Communications

This section is for aspects of interstellar travel considered controversial by many. Information for this section will only be posted when there is a basis in current scientific knowledge. Mere fiction will not be considered. Please use the LIT comment form to protest or approve of ideas. Comments will be posted in a special section.

Links to Enabling Technologies and Ideas


Nanotechnology on the WWW
Nanotechnology (at Xerox, by Merkle)
Merkle's Home Page
Foresight Institute
IMM: Inst. for Molecular Manufacturing
NASA nanotechnology links
MMSG: Molecular Manufacture Shortcut Group
MMSG Newsletter The Assembler, 1/96
NANOSYSTEMS book by Drexler
Scientific American on Nanotech.
Nanothinc Company
Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Inc.
Molecular Simulations Inc
Representation Models in Molecular Graphics
Scanning Probe Microscopy
STM Image Gallery
Nanotechnology in Science Fiction


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