Near Earth Development Project

Near Earth is that area of space near our planet.  We'll consider it everything from Earth orbit to the surface of the moon.  This is the area normally consider by space development and access groups and space industrial analysts.  This volume (about three light secounds across) holds everything from hard vacume, zero G, solar energy, Helium-3 fusion fuel, and lunar soil rich in everything from concrete to titanium.  Its where comunications satelights are placed, and the O'Neil colonies were to be built.  How do we get there and what do we do with it?  

I'm afraid we don't have much of a Web presence yet. If you're interested in the problems of low gravity mining (i.e. on Mars, the Moon, or wherever), or the problems of zero-gravity industry or development, please email us at, or at the site administrators address accessable below.

Moon Mining:


This sites under major reconstruction and redesign.  Be patent!

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