Why are we doing this? What is this all about? Well, obviously, no messages have really been received from Tau Ceti. However, I urge you to leave reality behind for a little while, and help us try to understand the message. This should be a lot of fun for all involved, and I hope it will show us just how far we have to go before we will be able to understand any real messages we receive.

There have been projects like this before. However, they have always been (in my opinion) fairly simple tests, being very anthropomorphic in nature. What I hope I have acheived here is something different. Through a lot of time and effort a message has been developed that is fairly simple in content, but very unusual in the way it is put together. It should be very difficult to understand the way in which the message is written... even if you understand its contents. In fact, there are ways it could be made even more... alien.... but then I don't think anyone would get it. As it is, I predict it will take a few weeks anyway.

Then there's the other thing that differentiates this project from earlier ones: you. Anyone can participate, and I hope anyone does. You can try anything you like to decode the message... write computer programs, show the message to your friends, use books on cryptography... anything. Just remember to share what you are doing and what you are thinking with all of us. Use the Discussion Page! This should be an interactive group project involving people from around the planet. With the talent out there, it should be possible to solve this first message.

Yes, I did say first message. There will soon follow others. Over time, we will hopefully learn a good deal about the denizens of the Tau Ceti system. Of course, that all depends upon you....

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