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WebNexus uses the Referer field to check where people are coming from on the Web. If the site is not on its current list, WebNexus will add the URL to its list. Even if your client does not provide the Referer field, someone else's may. So if you decide to place a link to WebNexus, even though the first time you try it out WebNexus won't make a return link, when someone uses the link who does have a browser that uses Referer, the return link will be made.

Because WebNexus uses the Referer field, it won't always be entirely accurate. For instance, if someone jumps to WebNexus from their bookmarks, the Referer field will be inaccurate. This will result in links to pages that probably don't have WebNexus as a link.

I've also noticed that some people cheat to get their stuff on WebNexus without including a real link. Be warned that in the next few iterations of the script, those types of links will get automatically shunted to the second page. This is, after all, a site all about -true- interconnectivity.

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