The Scientology Debate

Although the Scientology issues on the web deal the suppression of information, they are more directly associated with copyright and intellectual property issues. In most cases it comes down to the scientologists trying to suppress information that they claim to own. The first case that drew a lot of attention involved a server in the
Netherlands. Officials there raided a server that had information about the Church of Scientology and discussions on a bbs regarding that information.

The Church has tremendous legal representation around the world and uses it to stop information leaks. There are cases in California and Colorado that are well covered by those interested in freedoms on the net. The EFF has its own archive dedicated to the Church of Scientology. Their movements are being watched closely.

International Control to access

Governments around the world are grappling with trying to control information and maintain connectivity. In New Zealand a bbs was raided and shut down for transmitting obscene materials. This parallels some of the cases here in the U.S.

In Canada it is illegal to report information about certain legal cases while the trial is underway. Canadian Universities banned the newgroup called Karla Homolkawas involved in a famous murder case that involved her husband and the deaths of a number of young women, including Ms. Homolka's sister.

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