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Usenet FAQ: (draft)

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various usenet posts by Kathy Jo

unfortunately the way I saved these posts truncated the headers with the dates and the newsgroups these were cross-posted to, which in some cases provides a bit more context than just For example, at least one of these appears to be a followup to someone else's post in the Counting Crows newsgroup.

losing leo on the bus part 2
chim chiminy
happy, well, happy, yeah, happy valentine's day
Can you help?
Re: Kathy Jo
dribbling jo
Re: Re: Re: RE:! RE:! Re:ad the name of this group
kathy jo followups (Remo)

On the Bus with Kathy Jo

These columns were published by IN PITTSBURGH NEWSWEEKLY

On the Bus with kathy Jo: grunge bus
On the Bus with Kathy Jo: grey poupon bus

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Malcolm is unwilling to take much responsibility for these pages or content thereof, though he's willing to admit being a catalyst in provoking Jo to explore the Web as a broadcast medium.