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JoJo's On the Bus!

I moved the old front page, Jo's on the move, on her already infamous Bus Tour, and everyone seems to be going nuts, her included...

I'm still piecing this together, from what I gather the months of no sex or love took their toll and Jo burst free on a tour of the east coast visiting all the guys on the net who say they love her. Or something like that, or so I heard...

Right before this her CMU email account was cancelled again, not sure why. So she has no email account. People have been asking me how to reach her. The Associated Press contacted me trying to find her. Some Dallas paper just wrote a story on her. Best contact info I can offer is something Madge posted; Madge has been posting some updated from the road via an AOL account that Jo may start using in August.

There's a story here -- a lot of stories --and the old posts and recent ones offer pieces of the puzzle... we get a lot of bits and pieces of where she's been, but I'm not sure anyone has any idea where she's headed. We'll post a tour schedule if we get one. Maybe she's even coming to your town...

The big question is:
when is some publisher going to offer her a nice fat advance for a serialized Life of Jo book?

Latest News:
Jo took a pit stop in Woodstock to look up some old friends. Ross tells me she's headed to Nova Scotia sometime soon - I'm still hounding Jo for a Tour Schedule. The AP is still trying to connect with JoJo to maybe run a series on her, which might mean she makes international news. I think we should all chip in for a Bus Ticket for Jo to go visit Hunter S. Thompson. And Rush Limbaugh.

another update:
She's off again, NYC was a bust, sounded hot and, well, Jo's latest post (not here yet) sums it up better than I could. So she's off to New Haven, as of 7/18, 5:11 pm... just so we know where to send the FBI if she disappears or something. Ross in Nova Scotia is expecting her up there in a few days and tells me he has an bunch of surprises planned. Media and all... film at 11.

The AP finally caught up with her. We're looking forward to seeing what they have to say. Jo's latest epic on 7/24/95 is the longest post I've seen from her in ages...

last seen headed to Portland Maine. Still not sure what's next. Ross survived, I guess, and neither of them killed the other.

latest news:
Kathy Jo is home! She survived and is back, but losing her longtime housemate Madge. We'll be updating the tour pages more soon...

Apparently her new newsgroup is up, alt.fan.kathy-jo, but I can't get it yet despite a supposedly full feed of over 13,000 newsgroups. Can anyone confirm if this group is up and if any posts are appearing there yet? Sometimes creating new alt. newsgroups requires repeated newgroup commands to get it to propigate to a lot of sites.

We want your letters to Jo! Face it, she gets so much mail she can't keep up, even when she doesn't have an email account while she's on the road! So we propose a gallery of public letters to Jo. We'll add a new room her for y'all to vent your spleen, spill your guts, and tell Jo and the rest of the world what you think. Just email me (mal@emf.net) your public letters to Kathy Jo and as soon as I get some they'll go up.

A kind friend-o-jo reader sent in a couple of files of stuff from the end of June to the start of Jo's tour... I'm too lazy to mark it up, if anyone wants to HMTL'ize it and mail it back to me I'll add you to the JoJoWeb Hall of Fame. Hmm, chances are there's some clues in here as to why her CMU account got cancelled in early July.

Prelude - Prelude 2 - Prelude 3

Kathy Jo at Niagara Falls

Just in from the bus (whore tour 95 begins)

lost in space

Postcards from the Bus: This one's from Bob, about Jo's visit with him

On the Bus with Kathy Jo: Cityscape

lost joella

good morning groovy people

no closure

mango jo

leaving wigstock

last note from Jo

7/18/95 5:11pm


Jo Leaving New Haven

Ross's prelude to Nova Scotia

massive braindump from Nova Scotia, 7/24/95

Re: Thursday, July 27, 1995

7/27/95 - still leaving Nova Scotia

greyhound is my favorite color

i'm a girl - portland maine pot smoker sought

kathy jo is in here. and don't expect too much from me

On the Bus with Kathy Jo: cityscape

Ross's post in the wake of Jo's visit

The Bus Tour is over, Jo's home!

as usual, all this stuff (except the stuff by Bob, Madge, and in the new letters section) is © by Kathy Jo Kramer.

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