What is alt.fan.dirty-whores? (A Usenet FAQ)

Alt.fan.dirty-whores is a group of or pertaining to dirty whores led by the first lady of dirty whores, Kathy Jo Kramer, a Pittsburgh-based freelance writer. Jo's talent is rhetorical -- it reaches people's hearts, but it is strangely manipulative in that people can't seem to help but to read her. Killfile or not, the discussions concerning her Internet behavior were as hyperbolic as her writing, consuming whatever group she was at until her e-mail account was disabled due to complaints and the fact that she hadn't yet paid her alumni dues.

This group was formed at the request of all the economic's major/bi-curious frat-boys who were forced to endure her rambling posts, often off-topic, often full of vulgarities even in her choice of topics such as smoking pot, masturbation, drinking liquor, eating food, planting flowers, Jo's life in general, and always, her reverence for Adam Duritz, lead singer of The Counting Crows ("Mr. Jo-nes and Me"), future father of her children.

This group was also founded at the request of the coolest people on the Internet who were, dare I say, empowered by her posts. So here, free from the petty issues her inferiors burden her with (defending her presence on the groups), she will be free to write about the serious topics that concern her such as parenthood, education, addiction, violence, class, gender and racial issues.

So who *is* this Jo, this self-proclaimed Queen of Whores? She's the 33 year-old welfare mother of a hyperactive 11 year old boy, Leo. She is a convicted felon, spent 6 months in jail for writing her own prescriptions for Dilaudid (synthetic Morphine), turned state's evidence against her boyfriend who still asked her to marry him in the Brown County, Kansas', jailer's office, February 14th, 1980.

Jo was released, went to a rehab in Erie, PA called Serenity West, seduced her therapist, lived with nuns, returned to her favorite place, Carrick (just inside the city limits of Pittsburgh), started eating acid again, drinking, shooting dope, age 19. She started her mud-wrestling career, ended up hanging out with outlaw motorcycle types when she saw the future father-of-her-child crawl in the bar on his hands and knees. She took him home and kept him, eventually got two tattoos, roses on her right forearm, Gandalf on her upper left arm (Gandalf was a student-loan tattoo that was featured in several national magazines. and she had the roses seared off her arm years later so that her son wouldn't have to suffer the insinuations that a tattooed woman was forced to endure. until Cher got tattooed, of course).

She lost her mind when her "old man" cheated on her with a thin scag. Scaggliness didn't matter, Jo was never thin (not obese either: *healthy*). She missed a vien shooting dope, spent two weeks in the hospital having the absess "drained." got out and hit the road, hitchhiked with Vicki (aka Nasty Box), a topless dancer and best freind, and Jo's sister, out to The Black Hills Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. 1982.

They returned home after a trip down to Phoenix. Almost completely destroyed by the forces (middle-class ideology) Kathy Jo rallies against, she went to a rehab and found out she was pregnant.

Ms.Jo has just gradutated from Carnegie Mellon University with University and College Honors. She won CMU's highest honors for poetry and The National Academy of Poets' Prize. Even before graduating, Kathy Jo had a perspective's column in IN PITTSBURGH magazine called "On the Bus With Kathy Jo" and has just started a second one concerning the Internet called "Killfile: Keyword Jo." She's also now writing for RED HERRING, a magazine in West Palm Beach, FLA.

She's been profiled by the local press a few times, spoke at commencements for community college and was asked by the president of the college to speak for the entire faculty of all four campuses. She went on the do inspirational speaking and wants to be a stand-up poet. She recently emceed a rock and roll show at the request of her ex-boyfriend and often-referred to, Bob Wagner (the anti-jo).

Although not choosen to speak at CMU's commencements because her experience was so unlike a normal student's, the commencement committee was so impressed with her that they got money to print up a brochure so that everyone in attendence could recieve a written copy of her speech. And yet, on the Internet, due to her profanity and honesty, she is repeatedly flamed for her digressions,insights and opinions. Even when insulting no one, people find her ability to express herself so intrusive that they start saying she is a horrible writer and a whore, even a little retarded girl.

Jo weeps. She asks for nothing more than to exist in full-Jo glory. She doesn't demand what is demanded of her. She asks nothing of her detractors except to be left alone but they couldn't help themselves. So here, here is her own little corner of the net, and all of us here are going to witness the explosion that will take place when Jo's fans keep printing out her posts to trade with friends, when all of us dirty whores who have been laughed at and picked on all our lives can come here to love ourselves in the funny, and yet often disturbing, playground of Jo's whorific whorishness.

jo here. yeah, i wrote all that for madge to post.  so what. it'll be my
fucking group and i'll do whatever i want, you solid peice of stanky
misery.  oh yeah, some guy on the pearl jam group called me a 'cum
guzzling skank.' and i have to admit that that's pretty damn good.  i
have to commend him.  funny.

i can't even acknowledge how much i've suffered without feeling like a dick. no escape. i mean, i never got the chance to be a child when i was a child, so i want to do this now, unabashed, totally jo, a wretched little brat of an angel of a whore of a jo.

my new sig file (for when i get on line again)

-- "How can a thing be wrong if it's done with love?"

                                                    Susie Atkins' response when
                                                    questioned about her part
                                                    in The Manson Murders