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Phil Franks:

The Philm Freax
Digital Archives

A photographer with many credits in US & UK magazines of the 60's and 70's, Phil Franks is probably best known for his work on rock album covers -- including Frank Zappa, Yes, Gong, Hawkwind, Daevid Allen, Kevin Coyne, and the Adverts.

Philm Freax is one of the most extensive 60's and 70's rock photo archives on-line, featuring not only a visual history but also a rich oral history of the era via excerpts from Jonathon Green's Days in the Life and authorized reprints of interviews and features from Rolling Stone and other mags that features some of these photos. The result is a virtual who's who of rock and roll icons such as Pink Floyd, the Who, the Pink Fairies, Elton John, and much much more.

A dense site with hundreds of pages, Philm Freax continues to update periodically with new features photos and so far only includes a window into a small selection of boxes of old negatives that Phil is still scanning in to share with us today.

Harvey Job Matusow:

The Stringless Yo-Yo

Join us in exploring a work in progress:
memoirs of a man who has lived through many lives and experiences, covering first hand memories of his involvement in World War II, communists in the USA, the FBI, the House Un-American hearings, Senator Joe MacCarthy, the Fluxus anti-art movement, avant-garde music, the underground press in the US and UK, public access TV, radio programs for children and his invention of a stringless yo-yo. Matusow, now in his 70's, currently runs the first public access cable TV station in Utah, SCAT-TV.

Peter Blegvad:
On Numinous Objects
The Amateur

Web renditions of a pair of works by musician, artist and author Peter Blegvad.

E. Stephen Mack:

Steve Mack's non-linear fiction experiment cycles onward...

On John Cage

William S. Burroughs Memorial


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