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While you won't find any hard core pornography, bestiality, sex, or explicit erotica at Phil Franks/Philm Freax, a few of the of the photographs in these pages do expose nekkid human fixtures sometimes known as breasts, titties or nipples. So we decided to put up this warning page to protect innocent toddlers and prudish adults from accidental exposure.

Gee whiz, everyone's got a pair and probably knows what they look like but if you're one of those web serfs that is under legal age wherever it is that you are legally and morally bound and tied to be gagged by such laws then we recommend you high-tail it back to the other pages here you was already gazing at. Or go look at some of Greg's sexy orchids and plant life while flowers are still legal...

Anywaze, if you still are interested in the art photographs thang pawned off as raw flesh then click on through to it, or back off now...

Ok, I swear I'm really legally allowed to look at nekkid breasts and I am not worried about being politically correct, I am legal, not a cop and really, c'mon already, I was just trying to follow a link to:

A) Uschi
B) Chrissie
C) eeek!

I confess,
I am jailbait,
a cop, under 18,
a paid informant,
or scared by the mere thought of loose nipples...

just skip it...

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