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William S. Burroughs Memorial Service (& Eulogy)

The Mining Company: Testimony Concerning A Sickness: William S. Burroughs Leaves the Zone

Wired news: Burroughs Spun a Legacy of Naked Sense

Wired News: R.U. Sirius' obituary

Time: The Naked Burroughs is one of the better features yet.

KC Star: Lawrence residents remember Burroughs

Boston Globe: An Artistic Anarchist

Miami Herald/L.A. Times obituary

Washington Post / AP obituary

CNN / AP obituary

Lawrence Journal-World obituary

SF Chronicle Obituary / AP

Web tribute/memorial pages:

our Interactive Memorial project

Levi Asher's Burroughs Tribute page & Literary Kicks project

Bohemian Ink on Burroughs.

Burroughs Net has temporarily closed on the news of Burroughs' death.

William S. Burroughs RIP

Other Burroughs related pages, selected online materials, etc.

The Burroughs Files / InterWebZone

They do not always remember, a Burroughs short story.

Big Table's Burroughs Primer

Flo's WSB page

Firehorse Unofficial Burroughs site

Dirtman's WSB index

EFF Burroughs texts archive

Realms of Foe site on Burroughs, Gysin and industrial music.

The (Un)official Fi(n)nish Burroughs Site


Mystic Fire Video's WSB Profile

Justin's Will Burr page has a story about his visiting Burroughs in 1996. Jessa's journal shares another view of the experience.

IXVM's in-the-works and soon-to-be official Burroughs site (& related Wired News story (5/1/97))

FRED ALDRICH'S EXOTICA has officially sanctioned Burroughs T-shirts

a request for materials for a zine

Wired News: Burroughs Pops Online Cherry with Drag Queens (2/20/97)

Burroughs' cutup technique

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