Cuban Rumba Music
includes the Cuban Musician's Photo Gallery with photos taken in Cuba by Mary Overby in 2001; links to pages about cuban music; and other collections of photos from Cuba.

Moinelo's Gallery
and Vertical Gallery contain photos from the studio of artist Manuel Moinelo Pineiro in Matanzas, Cuba, taken by Mary Overby in 2001 on a trip with Steelina Productions.

Rio de San Juan, Matanzas, Cuba (March, 2001)
Rumba y Folklórico en Matanzas
contains photos of Cuban people and places taken by Mary Overby in December 1994 during the Rumba & Folklore in Matanzas program by Carribbean Music and Dance.

Photographs from Matanzas, Cuba
contains photos of Matanzas, Cuba taken in 1998 by Melva Okun.

Links to Websites About Cuba
contains a varied collection of links sent to the author about Cuba.
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