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Last updated: 08-Oct-2008

MaritimeDigital Archive provides free information and resources for people doing maritime historical research. This project is free and will stay free. Therefore I would like to thank Ibiblio for hosting this website and the many people who helped contributing to this project. Suggestions are always welcome!

Information is being added on a regular base, but don't forget, this is a one man project!

New for 2008-2009

I have been working in the background for a new release of MaritimeDigital Archive. I had considered to stop the project, but I had spent to much time in the past to give this up, so I'm even spending more time now to make it again up-to-date. So what can you expect in the (near) future?


MaritimeDigital Encyclopedia contains over 37251 documents, pictures, drawings, etc. The Encyclopedia is based on the MDA Classification.


MDA Classification

The Maritime Digital Archive Classification is a unique project. More information on this classification and it's design will follow in the near future.


MaritimeDigital Archive contains a big news archive, new items are being added daily. The last 5 news items are:

Titanic watches
  2007-08-07 02:20:38
Some of the metal from the hull of the Titanic was salvaged by divers. This metal has been blended with modern shipbuilding steel at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the Titanic was built. This blend is being used to make the casing of fancy timepieces by Swiss jeweler Romain Jerome. Coal which was to have been burned in the Titanic's furnaces and which was also recovered from the seabed has been mixed with ceramics to create black dials for the watches. The watches have been criticized as being in bad taste by Titanic enthusiasts. The limited-edition watches range in price from about $9,000 to $150,000. (Source: teve Myall, Daily Mail, 8/4/07)
Melting polar ice cap makes more work for the US Coast Guard
  2007-08-03 03:52:49
The US Coast Guard is responsible for policing maritime traffic, chasing off foreign fishermen that cross into US waters, pursuing drug traffickers, rescuing seamen in distress, protecting indigenous people and responding to oil spills and other environmental accidents. Ice in the Arctic sea has decreased by nearly 20% over the past two decades, and the resulting increased maritime traffic has made the Arctic a more significant focus for the Coast Guard in the past six months. In addition to opening up a potential sea route, the reduction in ice has sparked competing claims among the eight nations that border the Arctic. These factors could create more word for the Coast Guard. (Source: Barbara Slavin, USA TODAY)
US Coast Guard saves 1 million lives
  2007-08-03 03:52:12
The US Coast Guard was founded on August 4, 1790. On that day, the first Congress authorized the construction of ten vessels to enforce tariff and trade laws, prevent smuggling, and protect the collection of the federal revenue. Responsibilities were added over the years, including the task many associate with the service today: that of aiding mariners in distress. During this year's ceremony, the Coast Guard will announce that it has rescued more than one million persons since it was established. (Source: US Coast Guard)
UN support sought off the coast of Somalia to combat pirates
  2007-08-03 03:51:29
The International Maritime Bureau has identified the coast of Somalia as having the highest piracy risk in the world. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) wants the UN Security Council to provide assistance to make the area safer. UN action would include consenting to naval ships operating in the Indian Ocean, entering the country's territorial waters when engaging in operations against pirates or suspected pirates and armed robbers endangering the safety of life at sea. Of particular concern is the safety of crews on board ships carrying World Food Programme humanitarian aid to Somalia, or leaving Somali ports after having discharged their cargo. The Council has authorized the secretary general to take action on the proposal. (Source: Abdulsamad Ali, allAfrica.com)
Daewoo up for sale
  2007-07-31 02:04:43
Creditors are scheduled to start selling their 50% stake in Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, the world's largest shipbuilder, before the end of the year. But it's almost certain the winner will be Korean. There are increasing concerns about losing technology to China, which has said it wants to surpass Korea as the world's leading shipbuilder by 2015. Although a formal decision hasn't been made it seems likely that all foreign investors could be banned from bidding. Potential South Korean bidders include Posco, GS Engineering and Construction and STX Pan Ocean. The deal could be worth as much as US $8.7 billion. (Source: Anna Fifield, The Australian)



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