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Colossus class
The Colossus class aircraft carriers were a class of Royal Navy light aircraft carriers. A total of sixteen ships were foreseen.

Two ships of the Colossus class (HMS Perseus and Pioneer) were tailored for aircraft maintenance rather than combat duty. Another five were suspended, to be completed later as Majestic class carriers. A sixth converted Majestic, the Leviathan, was not completed at all. All five Majestics were sold to Commonwealth navies.

The Colossus class emerged as an expedient solution to this critical shortage of combat aircraft carriers. These ships were based on the Illustrious class design, but reduced in size, and intended to be available within two years. To expedite construction, the Colossus class was built to commercial scantlings, rather than naval standards.

The first four Colossus carriers were completed in December 1944 and were immediately dispatched to the Far East. None of the ships saw action. The Colossus class ships did not possess the armoured flight decks that had effectively protected the Illustrious class fleet carriers against kamikaze attacks during Operation Iceberg. After the Second World War, the class provided a cheap way of projecting the Royal Navy's presence. Some of the ships saw service in the Korean Conflict. Less costly to operate than fleet carriers, they carried almost as many aircraft. Many ships were sold to foreign navies and continued to serve into the 1990s. (Source: Wikipedia)
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