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She was built for Ambulant G.Kunst, Groningen. Sold in 1926 to H.Bosma, Groningen, later resold to Van der Starre, Krimpen aan de IJssel. She was motorised and convertred for going to sea in 1927. In 1945, she had damage to the engines and was repaired by her owners. In 1955, she stopped going to sea.

Built: 1908
Displacement: 132 tons
Dimensions: 30.82m x 5.01 m
Speed: 7 knots
Propulsion: Brons 80HP
Shipyard: Y de Jong, Ruischerbrug

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P 15350F Catharina


Built: 1905
Dimensions: 36.00m x 5.60m
Propulsion: DAF 164hp

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