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002d_BA - Barrack shipsBarrack ships are, mostly non self powered, barges with sleeping and living accommodation.
002d_BO - Boom vesselsBoom vessels are small harbor tugs, used for the transportation of wood (mostly trees) over water.
002d_CB_HA - Harbour crane vesselsIn medieval Europe, crane vessels which could be flexibly deployed in the whole port basin were introduced as early as the 14th century.

In 1920, the 1898-built battle ship USS Kearsarge (BB-5) was converted to a crane ship when a crane with a capacity of 250 tons was installed. Later it was renamed Crane Ship No. 1. It was used, amongst other things, to place guns and other heavy items on battle ships under construction. Another remarkable feat was the raising of the USS Squalus (SS-192) in 1939. (Source: Wikipedia)
002d_CH - Church vessels
002d_DE - Depot vesselsDepot vessels are ships used for storage.
002d_DR - Dredging vesselsA dredger is a ship equipped with a device for scraping or sucking the seabed, used for dredging.
002d_FI - FireboatsA fireboat is a specialized watercraft, often resembling a tugboat, with pumps and nozzles designed for fighting shoreline and shipboard fires. They are particularly useful for fighting fires on docks and shore side warehouses as they can directly attack fires in the supporting underpinnings of these structures. As they also have an unlimited supply of water available, pumping directly from the harbor and can be used to assist shore based firefighters when other water is in low supply or is unavailable, for example, due to earthquake breakage of water mains, as happened in San Francisco due to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Modern fireboats are capable of pumping tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute. The most technologically advanced of these is Fire Boat #2 of the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Warner Lawrence, with the capability to pump up to 38,000 US gallons per minute (2 m?/s) and up to 400 feet (120 m) in the air.

Fireboats are most usually seen by the public when welcoming a fleet or historical ships with a display of their water moving capabilities, throwing large arcs of water in every direction. (Source: Wikipedia)
002d_GR - Grain elevators
002d_PU_HA - Pushers - Harbour pushers*** Might move to 002b_PU ***
002d_RE - Restaurant, party & congress shipsThis category contains all kind of vessels that have been converted to (static) restaurants, bars or nightclubs, congress centres, ...

Most of these ships are moored in the harbours.
002d_TN - Bunker vessels*** Might move tot 002b_TN ***
002d_TU_HT - Tugs - Harbour tugs** Classification might change ***
002d_TU_YA - Tugs - Yard tugs** Classification might change ***

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