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American Line
Formed in 1872 as the American Steamship Company, Philadelphia and commenced passenger and cargo services to Queenstown and Liverpool, mostly with chartered ships. By 1884 passenger traffic on the North Atlantic had fallen and trade to Philadelphia decreased dramatically and the International Navigation Co. of Philadelphia (Red Star Line) acquired the company.
Bermuda Star Line
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Carnival Cruise Lines
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Celebrety Cruises
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Church of Scientology
The Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO) is a unique church of Scientology which is located aboard the Motor Vessel Freewinds, a 440-foot ship based in the Caribbean, with the home port of Cura?ao. The ship was acquired in the mid-1980s.
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Discovery World Cruises
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Disney Cruises
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Monarch Cruises
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Premier Cruise Line
Premier Cruise Line was a cruise line that operated from 1983 to 2000. It was at one time the official cruise line of Walt Disney World and used the trademark "The Big Red Boat" based on the color scheme of some of its ships.

Premier Cruise Line was formed in 1983 by the Greyhound Bus Company. The ships typically operated 3-day and 4-day Bahamas trips out of Port Canaveral, Florida. The company was earning in excess of $20 million annually on a gross revenue of $100 million during the 1980s.

Premier became the "official Disney cruise line", and marketed cruises as part of a land/sea vacation package including visits to the Disney theme parks in Florida. Disney decided to create its own cruise line in 1995 and ended its relationship with Premier. Premier then affiliated itself with the Looney Tunes characters to maintain its family friendly image, but Premier suffered without the Disney connection. The company also had an aging fleet of small ships unable to compete with newer and larger liners. The older ships were not designed for the handicapped and Premier was sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act for not making accommodations for people with disabilities. Premier Cruises eventually went into bankruptcy and folded in September, 2000.

Some Premier ships included the Majestic (the former Sun Princess of Princess Cruise Lines), the former Home Lines flagship Oceanic, the Atlantic (another former Home Lines ship), and the Royale, a former Costa liner known then as the Frederico C. The original four ships had the prefix "Star Ship" or S/S before their names. During Premiers' reorganization in the mid 1990s all but the Oceanic (Big Red Boat I) were sold off. Premier then became an amalgamation of Dolphin and Seawind Cruises. Later, the Rembrandt, formerly the Rotterdam of Holland America Line was added to the line.

The Oceanic (Big Red Boat I) is still sailing today for Spain based Pullmantur Cruises. The Big Red Boat II, formerly Eugenio Costa, was sold for scrap. The Big Red Boat III, formerly Carnival Cruise Line's Festivale was also sold for scrap. Lastly, the Rembrandt, formerly the Rotterdam, was purchased by the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to be restored and kept as a historic landmark. (Source: Wikipedia)
Renaissance Cruises
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Royal Caribbean International
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United States Lines
The company was formed from the tonnage of the failed United States Mail Steamship Company. It started with three ships, America, and George Washington, both German vessels seized during World War I and kept as reparations. They made New York - Bremen runs, while Centennial State went New York to London. One of the founders was Kermit Roosevelt, a son of US President Theodore Roosevelt. Additional ships were acquired in 1922 and renamed after various US presidents. The 52,000 ton Leviathan, formerly the Vaterland and one of the largest liners in the world, was acquired in 1923. Throughout the 1920s the line accumulated debt, and in March 1929 the line was sold to P.W. Chapman Company, and reorganized as "United States Lines Inc." of Delaware. The stock market crash just made matters worse, and in 1931 the remaining ships were sold to "United States Lines Company" of Nevada.
In 1932, the Manhattan became the first ship actually built for the line, followed the next year by Washington. In 1940, a new America joined them.
In World War II, the ships were converted into troopships. After the war, the company began to build smaller and cheaper ships, and operated a number of cargo ships, all named beginning with "American" or "Pioneer".
With government subsidy for her construction, the United States entered service in 1952. She was (and still is) the largest ocean liner built in the United States and the fastest ocean liner ever built. She immediately set transatlantic speed records, capturing the Blue Riband from the Queen Mary. But competition from airliners brought the glory days to an end; in 1964 America was sold to Chandris Line, and United States was withdrawn from service in 1969. After the termination of passenger services, United States Lines survived as a container ship line until filing for bankruptcy in 1986, due to financial difficulties brought on by too rapid expansion. Service was gradually phased out between 1986 and 1989, and the company was formally liquidated in 1992.
The name was revived briefly in 2000 and 2001 as a brand name of American Classic Voyages, but in October 2001 the company filed for bankruptcy.
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Windjammer Cruise Line
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Morro Castle



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Nordic Empress



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Ocean Breeze



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Radisson Diamond


The Radisson Diamond is the only twin-hulled cruise ship, developed with advanced SWATH technology, and certainly by far the largest.

Built: 1992
Owner: Radisson Seven Seas Cruises
Displacement: 20295 tons
Dimensions: 420 x 103 x 26 feet
Crew: 206
Passengers: 350

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The Regatta was built in 1998 as the R2 for Renaissance Cruises. She entered service on 5th July 2003 for the Oceania Cruises.

Owner: Oceania Cruises
Displacement: 30277 tons
Passengers: 684
Dimensions:593.7 x 83.5 x 19.5 feet
Speed: 18 knots
Passenger Decks: 9
Crew: 373

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Silver Whisper



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Seven Seas Mariner



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