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Alaska Marine Highway
The Alaska Marine Highway was founded in 1948 by Haines residents Steve Homer and Ray Gelotte, who used a converted LCT-Mark 6 landing craft which they christened the M/V Chilkoot. Their business was purchased by the territorial government in 1951 and renamed the Alaska Marine Highway System in 1963. Service was extended to Prince Rupert, British Columbia that year, and to Bellingham in 1967.

In September 2005, the Alaska Marine Highway was named an All-American Road by the Federal Highway Administration. (Source: Wikipedia)
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Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company

Yankee Ferry


The ship, originally named the Machigonne, was rare because it was luxurious for a day-trip ferry. Throughout its active life, the ferry was berthed in harbors up and down the northeast. In New York, it shuttled people to the Statue of Liberty and new immigrants from Ellis Island to Manhattan. Many immigrants were forced to stay below deck on their route to the New World and got their first sight of New York aboard the ferry, said Richard MacKenzie-Childs. In 1947, she was renamed the Yankee and transported vacationers from Providence to Block Island, before the ferry was retired in the 1980s

Built: 1907

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