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Blue Funnel Cruises
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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited
The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited was founded in Douglas in 1830, and has since been the Island?s main provider of passenger and freight services; linking the major ports of the northern Irish sea.
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Isle of Sark Shipping Company
The Isle of Sark Shipping Company runs a year-round passenger and freight service between Sark and the neighbouring island of Guernsey
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Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company
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Mersey Ferries
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P&O Ferries
P&O Ferries (formerly P&O European Ferries) is a constituent company of DP World (which took over its parent company, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) in March 2006). P&O Ferries is registered in Dover, Kent. P&O Ferries also operates a number of routes in the Irish Sea under the name P&O Irish Sea.

In 1987, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company purchased the ferry company, Townsend Thoresen. The operations of Townsend Thoresen were renamed P&O European Ferries with operations from Portsmouth, Dover and Hull. Following a consultation with the Competition Commission in November 1996, P&O European Ferries was split into three separate subsidiaries, P&O Portsmouth, P&O North Sea and the creation of a joint venture between P&O and the Swedish ferry company Stena to create the P&O Stena Line operations in Dover. Following the sale of Stena Line's 40% share of the Dover joint venture, the Portsmouth and North Sea operations were merged with the Dover operations to create P&O Ferries which were jointly managed from Dover. In September 2004, P&O Ferries conducted a business review that concluded with the announcement of closure of several of its long term Portsmouth based routes, leaving only the Portsmouth ? Bilbao route in operation. These closures were predominantly blamed in the expansion of Low-Cost airlines and the increasing usage of the Channel Tunnel as a faster alternative to ferry operations. (Source: Wikipedia)
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Red Funnel Steamers
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Townsend Thoresen
Townsend Thoresen was a ferry operator based in the United Kingdom. It was formed following the merger of Townsend Brothers Ferries with Thoresen Car Ferries in 1968, and was subsequently renamed P&O European Ferries in 1987.

Townsend Brothers Ferries was set up after World War II to transport cars between Dover and Calais. Their first purpose-built ro-ro passenger and vehicle ferry entered service in 1962. She was named Free Enterprise, celebrating Townsend's private-sector status, in competition with the government-run services of British Railways and SNCF on the Dover-Calais route.

Subsequent vessels entered service in 1965 (Free Enterprise II) and 1966 (Free Enterprise III). The increased fleet size enabled Townsend to begin a service from Dover to Zeebrugge from 1966. Thoresen Car Ferries began operation in 1964, with routes from Southampton to Cherbourg and Le Havre. The company was set up by the Norwegian Otto Thoresen, and the names of their original vessels Viking I and Viking II, and the subsequent Viking III and Viking IV, reflected the company's Scandinavian origins. The two companies merged in 1968, forming Townsend Thoresen. (Source: Wikipedia)
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Transeuropa Ferries
Transeuropa Shipping Lines has been operating between the two ports of Ostend and Ramsgate since 21 November 1998.

The company Transeuropa Ferries N.V. was founded on the first of June 2001.
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Ulster Imperial Line / Belfast Steamship Company
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Western Ferries
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Lady of Mann


Built / Gebouwd:
Owner / Rederij:
Dimensions / Afmetingen:

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Built / Gebouwd:
Owner / Rederij:
Dimensions / Afmetingen:

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Built / Gebouwd:
Owner / Rederij:
Dimensions / Afmetingen:

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Nordic Ferry


Built / Gebouwd:
Owner / Rederij:
Dimensions / Afmetingen:

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Princess Royal


Habicht II was built in 1959 by Schlichting Werft, Travemunde, for HADAG, Hamburg, for harbour cruises and Cuxhaven-Helgoland excursions under the name Alte Liebe. She was chartered to Centrumlinjen, and served between Malmo-Copenhagen, receiving the name Orestad in 1962. In 1964 she transferred to a Trelleborg-Copenhagen route. During 1971-72 Orestad ran between Sonderborg-Eckernforde and Malmo-Copenhagen for Skanfahrts.
In 1973 Orestad was bought by KG Seetouristik GmbH & Co, Lubeck, and given the name Baltica I (later Baltica). In 1977 Baltica was sold to Forde-Reederei GmbH, Flensburg, and renamed Habicht II. She was used on "butter boat" sailings on the Baltic coast of Germany, but was chartered to Oresundsbolaget in the summer of 1978 for Malmo-Copenhagen service. In 1993 ownership was transferred to the combined Forde Reederei Seetouristik, but she was laid up in 1994.
In 1995 she received the name Princess Royal and was moved to Liverpool by her new owners, Mgrs. Bridgewater Leisure Ltd.

Built: 1959
Owner: Mgrs. Bridgewater Leisure Ltd.
Dimensions: 54,90m x 11,10m x 3,11m
IMO: 5264663
Shipyard: Schlichting Werft, Travemunde
Passengers: 1750
Speed: 13.5 knopen

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Queen Mary


The Queen Mary was built in 1933 for the Williamson-Buchanan (London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company) fleet. After two seasons, Williamson-Buchanan were contacted by the Cunard Company which was getting ready to have its new liner launched by Her Majesty Queen Mary - so Cunard reached agreement with Williamson-Buchanan that the turbine steamer would become TS Queen Mary II, and presented a portrait of Her Majesty to hang in the forward lounge of the Clyde steamer, while their liner became the RMS Queen Mary.
During WW II she worked on maintaining Clyde services. In 1948 nationalisation of the railways brought the steamers under the Caledonian Steam Packet Company. As traffic increased in the 1950s the TS Queen Mary II was changed from coal to oil burning, the two funnels were replaced by a single well proportioned funnel and a new mainmast was added so that she now had two masts to meet changed regulations for ship's lights. In the 1960s a gradual change in holiday habits and a succession of summers with poor weather led to a decline in Clyde sailings. While other ships were retired, the Queen Mary II was refitted and put on cruises from Gourock to Inveraray, Brodick and Campbeltown.
The TS Queen Mary retired at the end of 1977 and sold to the Glasgow District Council, but plans to retain her as a museum on the Clyde came to nothing.Then sold to Euroyachts Ltd in 1981 and moved to King George V Dock, London, damaged by fire during refitting and laid up. She was then later sold to brewers Bass-Charrington in 1987 and moved in 1988 to the Embankment in central London. She is still moored at Victoria Embankment in London, and is used as a bar and nightclub.

Built: 1933
Dimensions : 252.6ft x 35.1ft
Speed: 19.7 knots
Engines : 3 direct drive turbines
Shipyard: Denny at Dumbarton, Scotland

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Red Falcon


Built: 1994
Owner: Red Funnel Group
Displacement: 2.881 tons
Dimensions: 82,4m x 17,5m x 2,75m
Propulsion: 2 Stork-W?rtsil? FHD 240
Speed: 14 knots
Passengers: 895
Vehicles: 140
Shipyard: Ferguson Shipbuilders

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Red Jet 3


Built: 1998
Owner: Red Funnel Ferries
Displacement: 213 tons
Dimensions: 32.9m x 8.40m
Propulsion: 2 x MTU 12V 296 Series TE74L turbo charged diesels
Passengers: 187
Crew: 3-6
Speed: 33.5 knots
Shipyard: FBM Marine, Cowes

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Red Jet 4


A contract was placed with North West Bay Ships in Tasmania, Australia in May 2002, construction began in July and sea trials took place in Hobart during March 2003. She arrived in Southampton onboard MV Egmondgracht on the 9 May 2003. She was named by Ellen MacArthur in Cowes on Wednesday 18 June 2003.

Built: 2002
Owner: Red Funnel Group
IMO: 9295854
Dimensions: 39,23m x 10,80m x 1,30 m
Propulsion: 2 MTU 12V4000M70 Diesels
Speed: 42 knots
Passengers: 227

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Red Osprey


Built: 1994
Owner: Red Funnel Group
IMO: 9064059
Displacement: 2.881 tons
Dimensions: 82,4m x 17,5m x 2,75m
Propulsion: 2 Stork-W䲴sil䠆HD 240
Speed: 14 knots
Passengers: 895
Vehicles: 140
Shipyard: Ferguson Shipbuilders

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Sally Eurobridge


Riverdance was built as Mashala in 1977 and regestered in Hamilton, Bermuda. She was imedately chartered to Gilnavi for int Mediterranean freight service. Her Bermuda flag was retained when Mashala was sold, in 1987, to sail as Halla in the Caribbean for Seaboard, renamed again in 1988 as Tikal and again when purchased by Schiaffino Lines in 1989. Whgen Schiaffino Lines sold out to Sally Ferries, Schaiffino was sent to the Irish Sea, operating for Belfast Freight Ferries to Heysham. Renamed Sally Eurobridge in 1993, she spent the first past of 1994 on charter to North Sea Ferries, with her name shortened to Eurobridge, and returned to Sally Eurobridge when returned. It was back to Eurobridge in 1995 for a charter to Norfolk line untill 1996 when she was taken up by Seatruck on charter and renamed Riverdance. She was brought outright in 1997 by Stetruck

Built: 1977
Owner: Sally Line
IMO: 7635361
Displacement: 6.041 tons
Dimensions: 116,31m x 18,22m x 5,38m
Propulsion: 2 MaK 8M453AK Diesels
Speed: 15 knots
Passengers: 12
Trailers: 65
Shipyard: Rickmers Rhederei G.m.b.H, Germany

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Sally Star


Travemunde was built in Helsinki in 1981, for Gedser-Travemunde Ruten. In 1986 the company's name was changed to GT-Linien, and Travemunde was renamed Travemunde Link. The company name was changed again in 1987, to GT-Link.
In 1988, Travemunde Link was purchased by Rederi AB Gotland, but remained in service with GT-Link. Later in 1988, she was chartered to Sally Ferries for service as the Sally Star between Ramsgate-Dunkirk. In 1997, she was transferred to Silja Line for use between Vaasa-Umea, under the marketing name Wasa Express, although the name was not officially changed. She entered Destination Gotland service later the same year as Thjelvar.
In November 2003, Thjelvar was chartered to Color Line. She entered service as Color Traveller in March 2004 between Larvik and Hirtshals. During the summer of 2004, she transferred to the Larvik-Frederikshavn route, returning to Larvik-Hirtshals in August.

Built: 1981
Owner: Sally Line
Displacement: 9.120 tons
Dimensions: 137,4m x 22,61m x 5,75m
Speed: 17 knots
Passengers: 1859
Vehicles: 550
Shipyard: OY Wartsila AB, Helsingfors

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